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Mobile Tyre fitting service in Brisbane

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Mobile motorcycle tyre sales and fitting services in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area area!!

Professional Motorcycle Tyre changer with plastic protection in all the right places.

Professional Electronic Dynamic motorbike wheel balancer.

Puncture repair services

Wheel alignment service using our Profi Laser system

  • Ensures perfect wheel alignment
  • Improves handling & safety
  • Extends tyre life
  • Reduces chain & sprocket wear

Prices and details will follow soon!

Offering a reliable, hassle free, friendly & professional service to customers in the following way :

We come to you - by appointment - there is no need to take time off work or waste your free time.

You can have the job done where you want, at home, your place of work or practically anywhere within the areas that we cover.

We'll quote you a competitive price for the complete job without any hidden extras.

Our service includes removal and re-fitting of your wheels, supply of the tyres, fitting & balancing. You can even supply your own tyres!

Maybe you need your track day tyres changed or flipped! We can do that too!

Why use us?

Your bike & wheels will be handled with care during the removal & fitting process.

Our tyre fitting equipment is to the latest specification purposely designed for motorcycles.

This means that all areas that come into contact with your wheels are plastic coated to protect your rims against damage.

With a dynamic dual-plane computerised wheel-balancing machine, also designed specifically for motorcycles, your wheels will be accurately balanced - an essential requirement for modern wide rimmed wheels.

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