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A list of our products!

Posted by steve norton on 6th Jun 2014

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I know there are plenty of home mechanics out there. Whether working on your daily ride, your track day or race bike, we have plenty of tools that will make your life easier! Check out the web site for info and pics for all of our products.

Paddock Stands
Front Paddock stand fork lifter
Rear Paddock stand
Rear Space Saver stand
Single Sided Rear Space Saver Stand
Single Sided Rear stand
Steering head lifter stand MK3
Steering head lifter stand MK4

Brake service tools
Vacuum Pump and Brake Bleeder Kit
Brake Piston Removal Tool
Brake pad spreader

Oil Change tools
Agip Oil 15/50 and 10/40 semi synthetic
Oil Filter Wrench
Flexible Spout Funnel
Oil Drain Can 4L

Tyre / Chain and wheel tools
Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge
Tyre Pressure Gauge
Valve core remover
Axle Hex Tool
Fork Oil Level Tool
Shock Spanner Punch
Wheel Truing stand
Wheel Bearing removal set
Chain Link Pliers
Ducati Front Wheel Lock Nut Socket
Ducati Rear Wheel Lock Nut Socket
Ducati Wheel Lock Nut Socket
MV Agusta Wheel Lock Nut Socket
Professional Chain Riveter and Splitter
Kart Laser Chain Aligner 4mm
Profi Laser BAT (Bike Alignment Tool)
Profi Laser BAT Universal (Bike Alignment Tool)
Motorcycle Laser Chain Alignment tool (line laser)
Motorcycle Laser Chain Alignment Tool (Dot laser)
SE BAT Universal wheel alignment (scooters)
Belt Alignment Card
PBR Chain tool cutter/riveter
Bearing / Seal Driver
Tyre Pressure Dial Gauge
Digital Chain Elongation Measurement tool
Tyre Bead Clamp

General Hand tools
Hand Drive Bit Sets
Bike Foot/kick stand pad
Spinner T-Handle
T handle ball end hex
T Handle Rack
Dual drive mini T handles
Digital Torque Wrench
Torque Wrench
Master Tool Kit
Personal Tool Pack
Flexible hose clamp driver
Vacuum Hose Removal Pliers
Portable Work Stool
Tie Down Straps
Star Pro Torx set in case
Hex Pro pivot allen set in case

Engine tools
Leak Down Tester
Compression test kit
Crankcase Separator
Piston Ring Compressor Set
Flywheel Puller Kit
Universal Pulley Holder Wrench Set
Piston Locating Tools
Tappet Adjusting Tool Set (6 Piece)
Tappet Adjusting Tool 3mm square
Tappet Adjusting Tool 8mm hex
Tappet Adjusting Tool 4mm square
Tappet Adjusting Tool Flat Screw
Tappet Adjusting Tool 9mm hex
Tappet Adjusting Tool 10mm hex
Piston Ring Pliers
Harmonic Belt Tension Tester

Suspension tools
Shock Spring Compressor
Fork Bit Socket set (Hex)
Fork Bit Socket set (Torx -Star)
Fork Bit Socket set (Spline)
Fork Vice
Fork Seal Drivers
Fork Oil removal syringe
Steering Tube Bearing Installer
Steering Bearing Outer Race Removal Tool

Carby Balancers and accessories/tools
CarbMate 2 channel balancer
SynchroMate 2 channel balancer
VacuumMate 4 channel diagnostic balancer
Short manifold adapters 5mm
Short manifold adapters 6mm
Long manifold adapters 6mm
Long manifold adapters 5mm
Rotax adapter for CarbMate and Synchromate
4 Channel Adapter Kit for CarbMate and Synchromate
Dial vacuum gauges
90 Degree Screwdriver

OptiMate chargers and accessories
OptiMate 2 Battery Charger Maintainer
OptiMate 4 Desulphating Charger Maintainer
OptiMate 6 Desulphating Charger Maintainer
OptiMate 4 Dual Program with accessory socket adapter
Weatherproof quick connect lead
Flush mount DIN socket with cap
TM to SAE connection adapter
Battery Clips
2.5m Extension
TestMate Mini
Weatherproof quick connect lead sae
Cigarette socket adapter
OptiMate output extension lead 1.8m
Battery Clips SAE connector
Fused Y Splitter
Kart Laser Chain Aligner 7mm
12V Accessory Socket
12V Accessory Socket TM
Panel mount socket powerlet
Weatherproof quick connect lead sae m8 eyelets
OptiMate output extension lead 4.6m
12V auto to DIN socket coverter
12V led flashlight
12V led flash light white molex connector
Charge now indicator 12.5V
Charge now indicator 12.35V
MV charge adapter
12V DIN socket connector
USB charger 1Amp