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EOFY Sale Profi Laser Cat Magnet Line Laser

EOFY Sale Profi Laser Cat Magnet Line Laser

1st Jun 2020

EOFY Sale! $140!!!

Magnetic Line Laser alignment tool.

The L-CAT Magnetic contains a strong magnet to allow hands free use when used with magnetic sprockets, pulleys 

or other systems.

I've been using these for years on all my bikes and they make life so much easier. They are not a gimmick, and 

i guarantee once you have used one, there is no method that compares for speed and accuraccy.

I've seen all the various ways people say they can do theirs just as well. Yes, maybe there are other ways that are

accurate, BUT, are they as quick? Not a chance!

There are cheaper products. Are they as good? No Way!

Check our You Tube channel for a little video :-)

Don't monkey around! Buy a Profi Laser CAT direct from our web site:-

Free shipping on orders over $160 so make sure you take a look at other products that might be of interest to you such as the Motion Pro Slack Setter Pro

Simply attach the Profi Laser C.A.T. against the rear sprocket and aim the laser along the drive chain. Helps minimise wear to chain and sprockets. Ideal tool for the end user and professionals alike.


Suitable for all chain & belt-driven motorcycles. Fast and easy to use
Compact design (55mm x 57mm x 20mm)
Precision German build quality
Accurate to 0.05%, 0.5mm over 1m!
Extends chain & sprocket life
Optimises handling & performance
Integral long-life LR44 batteries included
Highly accurate chain adjustment.
Improves bike performance, minimises chain and sprocket wear.
Delivered with a carry case, belt adaptor and batteries.
End-user & Professional versions available.