How do you know when your battery needs charging?

Posted by steve norton on 2nd Jun 2014

Frequently people state that they have no power available near where the vehicle is stored so are unable to have an OptiMate connected at all times for maintenance.

So, other than trying to start your bike, how will you know when the battery needs a charge?

The answer is the Charge NOW! Indicator.

charge now indicator

This simple device plugs onto your battery and will indicate to you by flashing a red led when the battery voltage has 

That means you can connect your charger at a convenient time to ensure the battery is fully charged. fallen enough to require a top up charge.

Part O122 if for sealed maintenance free batteries, flashing at 12.5 Volts.

Part O123 is for filler cap batteries that need topping up with water and flashes at 12.3 Volts

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