Dsynch PC Vacuum Analyser

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dsynch 2 vacuum gauges Dsynch screenshot


· Carb balancer for Carbies or FI throttle bodies

· EASY – simple to install and easy to use software

· CLEAR data and status information display (based on the famous Souriau Indianna 2440)

· Connect to up to 4 vacuum intakes

· Precision sensors for accurate balancing and fault finding

· Detect problems with inlet and exhaust valves, induction leaks etc.

· Files can be saved and replayed/printed for later comparison and recording

· Data is displayed numerically and in columns

· Columns change from red to green when all cylinders are balanced

· Compatible with Windows 8-10.

· PC requires 1 USB port

· Complete with case, USB cable, connector hoses, 4xM5 & 4xM6 connectors,

· T-Piece & software.


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Warranty Information

2 years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review