Dual output USB charger 3300mA O105

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Fast charge 2 of your mobile devices at the same time.  Charge a combination of your phone, GPS, camera & tablet from your BMW, Triumph or Victory motorcycle with a standard BIKE power socket.


  • For a USB-powered device demanding 3300mA fast charge
  • With vehicle battery protection: AUTO off 3 hours after engine stopped or if battery voltage drops below 12.3V
  • Fully sealed 
  • Connects to a standard BIKE (DIN Ø12mm) power socket.
  • Power delivered via 2 x USB sockets located directly on the charger.


OptiMate USB’s O-105 3300mA dual output charger meets important rider criteria

OptiMate USB’s O-105 delivers 3300mA USB charging power through two USB outlets with one outlet positioned perfectly for motorcycles with a side mounted 12V DIN socket. Charge your phone after parking your motorcycle without worrying about the battery, O-105 shuts off after 3 hours or immediately if the battery voltage is low! Best of all is the amazing retail price of 29.90 Euro!
Riders that own a motorcycle with the 12V DIN power outlet on the side will appreciate that the O-105 is designed to work without getting in the way, it protrudes only 38mm (1 ½“) away from the socket and the 90° USB outlet allows your phone’s USB cable to be routed close to the side of the motorcycle.

All weather riders are sure to like the O-105’s nifty plug and seal design; not only does it seal at insertion of the USB cable, the ‘ride tested’ rubber cap keeps the unused USB socket watertight at speed.

Rally attendees and campers, now you can now avoid the ‘flat’ battery blues caused by your phone charger draining your battery overnight; the O-105 shuts off 3 hours after your motorcycle’s been parked; enough time to recharge even a power hungry phone and at the same time leave enough juice to get out on the breakfast run. And if your battery’s weak, the O-105 will warn you and shut down the instant the voltage drops to 12.3V (+/- 40% charge level).




(No reviews yet) Write a Review