Dyna Pro Dynamometers

Dyna Pro Dynamometers







Moto-Tech Diagnostics is the sole Australian Importer for Dyna Pro Dynamometers. Dyna pro has established itself as the leading manufacturer of professional Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometers in the UK.

Having previously installed 40 dynos in the UK, the knowledge and skills Steve has with all tuning mediums means he can show you how to use this machine to its maximum.

If you want to get the maximum useable power under a range of load conditions, at any throttle setting, at any rpm, with any size engine, with any tuning system, then you should really take a look at our machines!

Dyna Pro has a reputation for thinking ‘outside the box’ designing cutting edge dynamometer systems that achieve unrivalled control over the vehicle being tested.

This commitment to pushing the boundaries of engine tuning has lead to a range of Dynamometers to suit customer requirements.

What do you want from a dyno? Reliability, Accuracy, Repeatability, Comparability, Expandability? 

That is Dynapro!

2Yr Warranty!

Fast USB communication.

Torque Module std with all LC dyno's - measure power at fixed or transient load!

Starter AND Battery AND charger included as standard!

Single, Dual or Quad channel a/f meter available.

Software Upgrades Free for life - No subscriptions - No ongoing "Dyno Centre" fees!


Call Steve who will answer your questions and explain why Dyna Pro is the new industry standard!


Check out our YouTube channel for some videos of the Dyna pro in action! YouTube homeYouTube homeYouTube channel





Honda Institute, UK


Training at Oz Racing

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