Dyna Pro Tuners

Dyna Pro Tuners



Protech Motorcycles, Port Macquarie. S68-LC Load Control Dyno www.protechmotorcycles.com.au

"I am blown away with the accuracy/repeatability of this dyno. It is clear to me I have the equipment to get the absolute best out of any motorcycle" - Dominic Sullivan




Oz-racing Mechanical Engineering, Brisbane. S125-LC Load Control Dyno 


"When looking for a dynamometer to meet the demands of my modern workshop, I soon discovered that only the DynaPro could achieve the high degree of accuracy and consistency in results required. After our first run on this dyno I realised how easy to use and highly accurate it is... run after run you get the same perfect results. My customers are so satisfied with the end results: the tuning is so smooth, it's nice to see the smile on their faces once they leave our workshop. All in all, money well spent! Also a big thank you to Steve from Moto-Tech for all the help and support he provided us with." - Ozzy Graf

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