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Our range of electrical testing tools will save you time and money! Ignition testers, oscilloscopes, coil testers and multimeters.

  • Probulator backprobes

    Probulator backprobes

    The secret is in it's shape The scoop-shaped back-probes that take the hassle out of auto-electrical troubleshooting.   The Probulator backprobe set includes 1 pair of larger & 1 pair of smaller radius scoop-points for easy entry into nearly...

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  • Belt Tension Tester

    Belt Tension Tester

    NEW!! TTC (Texa Tension Controller) from Texa. A must have tool for anyone servicing Ducati's, as used by Ducati Dealers worldwide! TTC is a new universal belt frequency tester for checking correct cam belt tension frequency and can be used with...

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  • Texa TPS for use with IDC software

    Texa TPS Tyre Pressure Service

    TPS THE STANDARD SOLUTION FOR THE TPMS For motorcycles the tool interfaces with the Texa software to perform coding and cannot be used as a stand alone device. TPS (Tyre Pressure Service) is TEXA’s solution for tyre-related service operations...

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  • Texa Twin probe Oscilloscope TwinProbe


      TwinProbe is a perfect addition to the toolbox. Combined with Texa TXB it can be used as an even more powerful aid in fault diagnosis. Price includes sensor simulator cable (o-5V) and electrovalve cable to power relays, coils etc...