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Kawasaki Cables

  • 3151/AP05 TRIUMPH, generic OBD

    AP05 - Triumph / OBD Cable16-Pin OBD interface cable for use with Many Euro 4 Models from 2017 on: Including (but not limited to) TRIUMPH (all) VICTORY Euro4 Bikes from 2016/17: BMW KEEWAY KYMCO SYM PIAGGIO...

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  • 3151/AP11 KAWASAKI pre 2010

    Texa AP11 - Kawasaki CableKAWASAKI cable for use with most bikes prior to 2010 (also some models after)Also usable with some BAJAJ bikes developed in collaboration with KAWASAKINB: AP01 interface cable requiredManufacturer's part number: 3151/AP11

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  • Texa Cablefor Kymco Kawasaki vehicles 3151/ap46

    3151/AP46 Kymco Cable

    Texa Diagnostic cable for Kymco  also Kawasaki J300/J125 Euro 3 models (not euro 4 - see 3151/AP05) NOTE: Use with 3151/AP01   Manufacturer Part No. 3905469

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  • 3151/AP22 KAWASAKI from 2007>

    Texa AP22 - Kawasaki Cable 2007-2009 KAWASAKI cable for Z750 (ZR750L/M) and Z1000 (ZR1000B & ZR1000C) with 4-pin connector produced between 2007 and 2009.Manufacturer's part number: 3901414

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  • 3151/AP29 Kawasaki CAN cable

    Texa AP29 - Kawasaki CAN Cable for 2008-2010 GTR 1400 and 2009 VN1700 with 6-pin connectors. NB: for models listed above, the ABS system is not covered as it requires the AP07 cable.Manufacturer's part number: 3902880

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  • 3151/AP30 Kawasaki Motocross Interface Cable

    Kawasaki Diagnostic cable KAWASAKI MX cable for diagnosis and remapping KAWASAKI OFF-ROAD models without a battery.  Models prior to 2010: the cable is used to run the remapping function only.  AP26 and AP27 cables are also needed. The AP30...

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  • 3151/AP27 Kawasaki MX Bike Tuning cable

    Texa AP27 - Kawasaki MX tuning cable KAWASAKI MX power adapter for OFF-ROAD models (prior to 2010) without a battery. This cable is required for diagnosis and for remapping and it is connected to the vehicle's fuel pump connector. NB: For diagnosis you...

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