OptiMate 6 Desulphating Charger Maintainer

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  • 2400mA usb charger
  • Optimate battery charger hanger
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Lotus Club QLD Approved

 approved by Morgan Cars Australia

Approved by Morgan Cars Australia


OptiMate 6 Fully Automatic 9 stage desulphating 0.4-5A Charger/Maintainer for 12v lead acid batteries from 3Ah to 240Ah:-

Automatically adjusts from 0.4A to 5A charge current to suit your battery. NO buttons to press, no modes to select. FULLY automatic!

OptiMate 6Bike, Lawn mower, Boat, Car, 4x4, Caravan, Leisure Batteries, Standby Batteries, Agricultural vehicle batteries and more. Connect to your battery 24/7 to ensure it remains Fully charged. 



OptiMate is a charger/maintainer that you can leave connected to any battery while a vehicle is not being used. Simply attach the pigtail lead to your battery and leave the connector some where for easy connection. The lead has a weather proof cover to protect it from corrosion.


Simply connect OptiMate to your battery after every use and your battery will ALWAYS be fully charged.




OptiMate 6 uses the black SAE connector


Includes optimateaccessoriesosmall.jpg11 (m8 eylets) weather proof lead and optimateaccessoriesosmall.jpg4 crocodile clips

If purchasing for motorcycle use, we recommend adding a optimateaccessoriesosmall.jpg1 m6 pig tail lead set to your order


optimate battery leado4.jpg


For more accessories please see SAE accessories page - usb chargers, torches, charge indicators, exptension leads, splitters, sockets and plugs etc


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The most advanced 12V care for all lead-acid batteries.

OptiMate 6 saves batteries other chargers can’t, because it recognizes the difference between a discharged battery that needs charging and a dead flat sulfated battery that needs saving. OptiMate 6 then charges, tests and maintains the saved battery, making it stronger, lasts longer.

No Buttons, no programs to choose, simply connect and switch on at mains! How easy is that!?

  • SAVE (Desulphate): For batteries as low as 0.5 Volts. Pulse reconditioning for batteries in the vehicle; turbo desulfation for dead flat sulfated batteries.
  • CHARGE: Ampmatic charge control adjusts current to suit any battery size / condition for fastest and most complete charge.
  • OPTIMIZE: Cell voltage balancing mode optimizes battery performance and will also correctly prepare a new battery for first use.
  • TEST & MAINTAIN: Battery test before and after charging. Interactive float charge is perfect for unsupervised months-long maintenance for any type of 12V lead-acid battery.
  • Safe on/off maintenence mode will NOT boil your battery.
  • Desulphating pulse continues to stop sulphation forming while in maintenance mode.
  • Unique half hour AND 12 hour voltage drop test, informs you if your battery is unable to remain above 12.7V
  • Global input (100-240V 50-60Hz), high efficiency, fully sealed.
  • SAFE! No spark at connection. Full electronic protection.
  • Power saving ‘eco’ standby mode shuts down the main charging converter when not delivering charge current and if battery is not connected.

(OptiMate is an intelligent automatic charger maintainer, we don't like the term trickle charger! ;-) "trickle" chargers will maintain the battery at a fixed voltage. If too high this will boil the battery, if too low sulphation is still able to form reducing your battery's ability to perform.)


If your batteries do not last more than 2 or 3 years, try OptiMate BEFORE buying a new battery!


The new OptiMate 6 Ampmatic is the world’s most advanced and versatile battery charger, maintainer and tester. 
All in one unit, in a stylish, robust, weatherproof enclosure, easily wall-mountable. As soon as connected, the AmpmaticTMmicroprocessor automatically diagnoses your battery’s condition and sets the optimal charge current and program.

An enhanced version of the acclaimed OptiMateTM unique multi-stage desulfation program will even automatically give many deep-discharged and otherwise “dead” batteries a new lease of life. 
When the charge is complete, the eco power-saving mode ensures ultra low power consumption while maintaining your battery, optimally charged, always cool and safe, month after month, prolonging its life by up to 400%

OptiMate 6 also checks for voltage retention with an initial 30 minute check. If the battery passes this test, it is extended to 12 hours. 
If the battery voltage drops below 12.4V, the battery is indicated as "suspect" and should be professionally tested.
Like all other OptiMates, if the battery is good, OptiMate 6 then continues the 30 minute test/charge cycle to 
maintain your battery for optimum performance when you need it.

The most important attribute of the OptiMate 6 as with all OptiMates, is the safe, optimal maintenance of your battery during long term storage, achieved by its gentle maintenance cycle which automatically allows the battery to rest for 30 minutes of each hour of the maintenance cycle while it remains connected. Some chargers maintain at 14.4V. This is too high and could cause long term gassing, potentially damaging your battery and causing electrolyte loss in liquid lead acid batteries.

OptiMate charges to 14.3V (limited to max 48 hrs) in the main charging stage, then maintains at 13.6V in half hourly intervals, while checking for voltage retention in between charge periods.

The automatic multi stage program engages as soon as the OptiMate is connected to a 12V battery that has at least 2V :-

    1. Initialization: OptiMate 6 will only activate if the battery voltage measures at least 1.8V
    2. Programming: the ampmatic processor checks the battery’s condition to determine the appropriate charge program.
    3. Desulfation and recovery: if necessary, 2 or 3 stages of high voltage and oscillatory pulsing are applied to recover neglected, flat batteries (removed from the vehicle * ) from sulfation to a chargeable state. The voltage is limited to 16V if the micro processor detects the battery may be connected to vehicle circuitry.
    4. Bulk charge: the ampmatic processor actively adjusts charge current to match battery characteristics, achieving a complete charge in the shortest time.
    5. Short-circuited / dead cell check: Charge acceptance is continuously monitored to detect internal damage and prevent unnecessary charging of a battery that cannot be recovered.
    6. Absorption and equalization: for 10 minutes the current is delivered in pulses with voltage controlled between 13.7 and 14.3V, aiding cell voltage equalization and improving the battery's overall power delivery.
    7. Charge verification: the voltage is limited at 13.6V while the ampmatic processor monitors the current absorbed by the battery. If this reveals a less than optimal charge, the program reverts to absorption for a further 10 minutes.
    8. Voltage retention test: is conducted for 30 minutes during which no charge current is delivered, with 5 possible test results indicating the battery's general state of health. A green (voltage > 12.7V) result extends the test up to 12 hours, to check for excessive self discharge (even a partly damaged battery may initially retain sufficient power, but lose power faster than normal there-after) or higher than expected power loss through the vehicle’s electrical system.
    9. Charge maintenance: The MAINTENANCE CHARGE CYCLE consists of 30 minute float charge periods at a voltage of 13.6V followed by and alternating with a 30 minute ‘rest’ (no charge current) periods. The voltage retention test & maintenance charge cycle will repeat 24 hours after the start of the very first test and continue to repeat for as long as the charger remains connected. The alternating charge & 'rest' maintenance program provides the recommend maintenance voltage for AGM / GEL batteries whilst reducing the average voltage as required by STD filler cap batteries, making it ideal for indefinite & 100% safe long term maintenance charging of any type of 12V lead-acid battery.
*The OptiMate’s high voltage desulfation mode cannot engage unless the battery is first disconnected from the vehicle’s electrical system. However, even if the battery is not disconnected, the OptiMate cannot damage sensitive vehicle electronics as the higher voltage mode can only engage if minimal or zero current is flowing into the battery.
  • Meets all relevant Australian Standards -Ctick approved
  • Comprehensive selection of SAE connection accessories including an output extension set.
  • 3 year limited warranty.

  • Wall mounts are moulded into the case for easy & convenient wall placement and the unit comes with battery clips that have a cable reach of over 2m.
  • Suitable for Motorcycle Batteries, Jet Ski Batteries, Agricultural vehicle batteries, Car batteries, Boat batteries, Lead acid batteries 3 to 240Ah (AGM,GEL,SLA,VRLA,Deep Cycle,Odyssey,Optima etc)

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  • 4
    It's not a magic wand, but it does actually save most batteries

    Posted by Kelvin on 7th Oct 2017

    I've tried the Optimate 6 with Deep Cycle, SLAs and regular lead acid batteries and had success with all types so far. Marginal batteries were fixed with one pass of the Optimate 6, while batteries I thought were probably gone but worth a try took several attempts before they were recovered. Optimate 6 has already saved me over $1500... I recommend anyone who has a store of marginal expensive batteries to buy the Optimate 6. Even if you only save some of your batteries, you'll still be way ahead.

  • 5
    Wow wow and wow

    Posted by Jase on 6th Oct 2013

    I've had an optimate 2 for ages trickle charging the track bike doing a superb job. Decided to finally add the optimate 6 to the shed as switching the optimate 2 between 3 bikes was a nuisance. Left the street triple r on it over the week, never had it start so quick. Best bike charger ever

  • 5
    "Its Works" and extremely well...

    Posted by AV Technician on 19th Sep 2013

    I have a collection of SLA batteries here in the workshop and have found this charger will actually test the condition of the battery as well as charge it correctly. Even though the terminal voltage may be okay, the condition of the battery is tested so I can throw out the ones that don't come up to spec. If you need to maintain lead acid batteries, this would be the charger of choice.

  • 5
    Indispensable electrial First Aid Kit, if you don't have one, get one!

    Posted by Terry Prendergast on 10th May 2013

    I've got 2 Optimate 4 chargers in my garage now, keeping my motorcycle batteries alive when I can't be riding them. When I saw that Moto-Tech were now selling Optimate 6's for cars, I had to have one! My parents own a POS old Triumph car with typical British electrics, and were on a first name basis with the auto club guy. I bought them a jump-start pack, but they're not mechanically minded so that was a waste of money, so I decided that the Optimate 6 would be the "fix". I was right, their car now starts first time even on cold mornings, and they haven't had to call the auto club since. The electrical connectors have been changed to bigger, more robust connectors on the Optimate 6, and so the optional cigarette lighter adapter from my Optimate 4 purchase won't fit my Optimate 6 for use on my parents car. I'll pony up the $25.00 or one, as my mum has problems plugging in, and unplugging the heavy duty Optimate 6's connectors.

  • 5
    Brought back an Odyssey battery from 2.4V!

    Posted by Steve (Owner of Moto-Tech) on 17th Jan 2013

    Picked up an Odyssey PC1700 battery from the local tip (shhh) Was only a year old according to the date stamp on it. Checked voltage when i got back, 2.4V! So i hooked up the OptiMate 6. After a few hours i was shown the red light telling me the battery was not taking charge. HOWEVER, as per the instructions, after an hour i reconnected the OptiMate 6 and tried again. In fact it was on the 6th attempt that the battery was then able to be re charged and reached the green light. Passing the 12 hour test with ease. This battery now jump starts classic V8's at local car shows most weekends. $500 worth of battery, saved by a $140 charger! do the math!

  • 5
    Saved me a packet!

    Posted by Ron on 27th Aug 2012

    My battery was dead! I tried to charge it but it just kept going flat after a couple of days. So on recommendation i bought one of these. Now my battery is good as new and my old classic car starts every time! Worth it's weight in lead lol.

  • 5
    saved me 4x it's purchase price within a week

    Posted by wayne head on 27th Aug 2012

    I purchased this unit on recommendation of a trusted friend even though I already had a top line charger costing twice as much, tried it out on a pile of "dead" batteries my then charger had deemed unsalvageable. out of 10 batteries it reclaimed 8, a very happy camper. since having the unit I have also purchased 4 extra harnesses , followed by 2 of the optimate 2's specifically for my smaller batteries, several friends/family also now own variants of the optimates souly on my success / happiness with them