OptiMate Battery Chargers

OptiMate Battery Chargers

OptiMate is the original Intelligent battery charger, designed in 1995 OptiMate is still the best choice to recover, recharge or maintain any 12V lead acid battery. Suitable for GEL,AGM,SLA,VRLA,Deep Cycle,Spiral Cell Optima,Odyssey etc,  OptiMate is fully automatic and requires no user input. Simply connect and forget!


Optimate Lithium 0.8A or 5A for all Lithium LiFePO4 starter batteries. 


  • Fully automatic
  • Spark protected
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Requires no specialist knowledge to use
  • Patented pulse maintenance and recovery technology
  • Simply connect and forget

OptiMate can desulphate, revive, charge, condition and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries, prolong their life and saving the user time and money in the future.

Furthermore, OptiMate stays in constant communication with the battery throughout the procedure, charging only to meet the needs of the battery and therefore eradicating the possibility of over-charging or under-charging the battery and reducing its lifespan as a result.

OptiMate may even revive a "dead" battery that other "smart chargers" may have failed to!

OptiMate also tests your battery every hour to ensure it stays charged and is in peak condition.

Recommended by many powersport manufacturers so you know you are buying a great product!

Info and FAQ's 

 12 Volt Lead Acid Chargers

OptiMate 2 is suitable for:-

(will also maintain larger batteries) 


OptiMate 4 is suitable for:-

(will also maintain larger batteries)


OptiMate 6 is suitable for:- 



OptiMate Lithium 0.8A and OptiMate Lithium 5A recommended for Lithium LiFePO4 starter batteries.


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