OptiMate Leads SAE connector

OptiMate Leads SAE connector

Accessories and cables for OptiMates (and other brands!) with black SAE style connectors.


optimateaccessoriesosmall.jpg accessories are equipped with an innovative heavy duty SEA style connection system that provides a reliable weatherproof connection between OptiMate battery chargers to or between OptiMate accessories.

The connection system is rated at 15 Amps, allowing safe use of high amperage accessories such as heated clothing / riding gear. Electrical connections between cable and connector pins are fully sealed and rubber sealing shrouds enhance the weatherproof rating of in-line connections.

The optimateaccessoriesosmall.jpg connection system is compatible with standard SAE connectors that are gaining popularity world-wide as a battery charger inter-connector, and is widely used as a connector in heated riding gear.


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