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OptiMate Leads White "TM" connector

Charger accessories and leads for your OptiMate with the older white Molex "TM" connector


  • tm to sae converter tm to sae converter

    TM to SAE connection adapter O17

    Converts white Molex "TM" charger output connector to SAE connector Allows connection of OptiMate 3,3SP and 4 to SAE style permanent battery lead.                            ...

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  • sae to tm adapter sae to tm adapter for accessories

    SAE to TM adapter

    Converter adapter to allow connection of your OptiMate 2,4 or 6 charger and all  accessories (with SAE-compatible connector) to TM-battery lead (as found on previous OptiMate 3, 3SP and 4 models). So if you have an older...

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    12V Accessory Socket TM

    12V Accessory Socket TM

      TM style white connector cigarette socket for OptiMate 4.   Connect any 12V accessory equipped with a cigarette lighter connector, directly to your battery, or charge your battery with your OptiMate using TM-72 connector. The white TM...

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  • Hanging hook for OptiMate 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & Lithium Hanging hook for OptiMate 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & Lithium

    OptiMate Hook TS-252

    Keep your OptiMate charger off the floor, hang it on the motorcycle / ATV / PWC handlebar or car or boat strut or cable.  Fits any OptiMate battery charger with integrated wall mounts. Easy to fit to charger – Mounting bolt fits...

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    Battery Clips

    Alligator / Battery Clips for OptiMate 3, OptiMate 3SP and OptiMate 4. White molex connector. Run out stock as all OptiMate chargers are moving to the new sae style connector.

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  • flush mount powerlet/euro/din socket !0A fused flush mount DIN socket

    Flush mount DIN socket with cap

    12V Weatherproof Panel-Mount Din Socket Create your own flush mount 12V Euro/DIN/Powerlet outlet & battery charger connection point. Matched with Bike / Car 12V plug accessory TM72/SAE-72/O2/O9/O19 Fitted with eyelets as shown to fit direct to...

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    Flashlight from your battery Flashlight from your battery

    12V led flash light white molex connector

    121 12V led flashlight with charge indicator.   12V emergency travel light will also indicate if your vehicle's charging system is working correctly (charging the vehicle battery). LO BATT led flashes when battery voltage is below 12.3V...

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    Now: $25.00
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