AM16 Volvo, Mercruiser,Crusader, Ilmore,Indmar,PCM (MEFI-5/EGC OBD-M socket)


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Terminal cable for the diagnosis of the engines of MERCRUISER, VOLVO PENTA, CRUSADER ENGINES, ILMOR, INDMAR, PCM Marine Engines, KODIAK MARINE, MARINE POWER, PANTHER AIRBOATS and SEVEN MARINE equipped with a 6-pin OBD-M socket.MERCRUISER: this socket can be installed on the engines equipped with a Visteon PCM 09 control unit.VOLVO PENTA: this socket can be installed on the petrol engines equipped with a Volvo Penta EGC System control unit and produced starting from May 2007.CRUSADER ENGINES, PCM Marine Engines and MARINE POWER: this socket is installed on the engines produced starting from 2007.NOTE: the terminal cable must be connected to the base cable AM01 CAN.