Axone Nemo 2 Bike Package


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Axone Nemo 2 is a proprietary windows based tablet manufactured by Texa with built in IDC5 software.

These tablets pair with the Navigator TXB Evolution to give you a bespoke diagnostic system without the use of a lap top PC. These are typically more expensive than the PC based systems which are most commonly supplied, as most workshops already have a lap top PC in use within the workshop. Software features and functions are exactly the same as the PC based system. See here for lower cost PC based system.

Axone Nemo 2 paired with Navigator TXB Evolution is the premium diagnostic package from Texa.  

AXONE Nemo 2 boasts the most advanced technology:-

Ultra-wide 12 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 2160x1440

Gorilla Glass display,

Intel® Quad Core N3160 processor,

8 GB of RAM and

250 GB of storage,

Dual band Wi-Fi, and

Bluetooth® 4.0

AXONE Nemo's generous capacitive touch screen and advanced graphic interface make using it effortless and intuitive. The latest IDC5 software, the vibrant heart of AXONE Nemo 2, features a completely new architecture with touch gesture technology for an even better user experience.

By swiping the display downwards you can reach all the functions you need in an instant and you can even zoom in on options and content of interest. To cater for future IDC5 developments, AXONE Nemo 2 comes equipped with an unrivalled set of sensors including a barometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass and a light sensor.

Another distinctive feature is the presence of two 5 megapixel cameras, one forward facing and one rear facing complete with flash/torch and autofocus: the perfect solution for saving and sharing images of mechanical parts and components.

Another world-beating feature of AXONE Nemo 2 is the rapid installation of magnetic expansion modules to extend the device's potential and resources for measurement and control, and to keep up to date with new developments of all kinds.


✔  Read and clear fault codes

✔  Reset service reminders

✔  View live sensor values

✔  Control unit information

✔  Log and graph live values

✔  Log Road Test Data

✔  Component output tests

✔  Component calibration

✔  Basic coding

✔  Bleed Tests

✔  Wiring Diagrams

✔  Nominal Values (component test data, voltages / Resistances etc)

✔  Basic Service data (new feature! - early stages - more being added with every update)

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