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Profi Laser BAT Universal (Bike Alignment Tool)

Profi Laser BAT Universal (Bike Alignment Tool)

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Profi Laser P-BAT.

Bike Alignment Tool for most motorcycles including cruisers.

Differences to Profi S-BAT:
Laser heads are mounted lower and at a wider spacing on a pivoting bracket.
Laser beam is lower to get under cruiser fotboards and lower/wider engine casings.
The system is delivered ready for use in special storage case.
Profi Laser CAT is included.

First the position of the rear wheel axle is checked and if necessary, adjusted by using Profi CAT.
Then position the rear gauges on the rear rim and turn on the laser units.
The laser lines are parallel to the center line of the vehicle and hit 4 measuring scales on the front wheel.
The reading on these indicators is the measuring result which can now be transfered to the test certificate for many different purposes, such as accident and used bike evaluation, cost estimates,  insurance documentation.

- Two laser system plates for rim sizes 14 "to 18"
- Two front wheel system plates up to 21 " dia
- Brackets, measuring scales, batteries and user information
- Chain alignment tool Profi Laser CAT

- Delivery in solid storage case

Full description:-

Checks if the wheels are in line, parallel and vertical.

Checks if frame, forks or swingarm are damaged.

Simply clamp the spring-loaded high precision, CNC-machined gauges against the rims of the front and rear wheels. Check the laser lines against the screens mounted to the front wheel.

Both sides should show the same numbers on the screens and both lines should be vertical.

If the lines are not vertical, either the frame, forks or swingarm are bent.

5 minutes work generates an income that may not otherwise be chargeable by string lining which cannot show up correct alignment sure to manufacturer offeset in many cases.

A measurement certificate can be produced showing all measurements providing the customer with tangible information which they would be happy to pay for. This system allows checking of "offset" rear wheels found on many bikes, while still making sure the wheels are parallel and vertical.

For example a 2006 blade we measured had factory offset of 11mm. A ZX10 for instance has a 5mm offset, this is almost impossible to detect via string lining.

A battery-operated laser-head is fitted on each side of the rear wheel gauges. The laser lines hit the screens attached to the front wheel showing the alignment and "straightness" of the wheels/frame/swing arm.

Vertical lasers aiming at 2 screens each side of the wheel shows alignment, offset and vertical alignment. Cheaper systems with single screens are available but cannot measure offset or vertical alignment. 

The system is the perfect aid for:- 

• used-bike evaluation and cost estimates

• quick checks before/after repairs• customizing, transformation and bike-design

• Safety-checks as customer service

Profi BAT can be paid off immediately by helping you not to take a bent bike in part exchange!. $35 per bike income for a wheel alignment check and report. 1 bike per day = $175 extra income per 5 day week.

That's $9100 extra income per year! Even if you only check one bike per week the unit is paid for in less than a year.  Can you afford not to consider it?

Profi Laser BAT is delivered in a special storage case as a complete set, incl. 1 x "dot" Profi CAT and batteries. Customer report sheet provided for you to fill out and print as required. We can even add your logo!    


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