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Voluntary Texa remote assistance payment

Voluntary Texa remote assistance payment

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Remote Diagnostic Support

Often we are providing clients with remote assistance to help pinpoint issues or errors with motorcycles or marine systems.

This may be partly educational and partly fault finding assistance.

The default value is $55 inc gst for a unit of 1. So, you are welcome to work out what you are comfortable giving, compared with time spent and results achieved. We will leave it to you to decide what you feel is fair and make your payment once you have completed your work and hopefully solved the issue.

In terms of explaining how to use Texa software to assist in narrowing down possible issues, this goes beyond product support, as we are also considering the particular system you are working with. Often we can spend time with you remotely checking data, testing components, analysing systems to confirm component matching, VIN writing, model set up etc etc.

Also asking what checks and tests have been performed to eliminate or confirm possible component issues.

Replacing a components based purely on a fault code is not good diagnostics and will often cost you far more time and possible unnecessary expense than actually testing systems correctly.

Indeed, often issues are not component related, but are more due to the fact that other service work has not been completed correctly, causing an engine not to run properly or as engines get older, components wear, fail crack etc etc.

Diagnostic software is never the whole solution. It is a tool to help you figure out issues that need resolving. We can only view the information given to the software by the ecu/system. The user is required to understand the system they are working with and think critically about the issues that require resolution AND what could be causing them

Often simply having someone else to talk about an issue can help.

So, if you feel our assistance helped in some way (though we do not have the bike - you do!) please feel free to make a payment using this page.



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