Texa Marine Essentials Cable Case

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Product Overview

Essentials Marine Cable Case including the following cables:-


The TEXA Marine Essentials Case comes complete with the cables needed to perform dealer level test and diagnostics on the most common marine engines. 
 Cables Included in the case:

  • 3902358 Marine Main Cable (AM01)
  • 3902407 Marine Honda Cable (AM02)
  • 3902247 Marine Mercury and Mariner Group 2-Pin Cable (AM04)
  • 3902250 Marine Mercury and Mariner Group 4-Pin Cable (AM05)
  • 3902413 Marine Yamaha/Selva Marine Cable (AM06)
  • 3902467 Marine Volvo Penta KAD TAMD Cable (AM09)
  • 3902865 Marine Evinrude Cable (AM13)
  • 3902907 Marine 10-Pin Volvo, Mercruiser, Crusader, PCM (MEFI-1,2,3,4,4B) Cable (AM14)
  • 3903560 Marine 4-Pin Suzuki Cable (AM22)
  • 3909234 Marine Volvo Penta Cable (AM40) 
  • 3910120 Marine OBDM Cable (AM43) 
  • 3910127 Marine Mercury Cable (AM44) 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review