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Tyre and Wheel Service

Bearing puller, Axle sockets, Ducati Lock nut sockets, balancing, trueing stand, rim protectors, tyre levers, valve extractor, 

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    Tyre gauge in case Tyre gauge with case

    Tyre Pressure Dial Gauge

    Tyre Pressure Gauge   Analogue tyre pressure gauge Angled nozzle fits to all types of motorcycle valves Protective carry case included Holds reading until release button is pressed 2psi increment scale 10-60 psi scale (50-400kPa)  

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  • Low pressure warning display Low pressure warning display

    Tyre Watch Monitor

      NEW GEN 2 SENSORS!   GEN 2 Sensors have increased battery life,   lasting 30% longer!   Tyre Pressure Monitoring System   (TPMS) for your motorcycle!    TIRE WATCH can be fitted to most bikes with...

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  • Valve core tool

    Valve core remover

    Motion Pro valve core remover. The multi use ones you find in auto stores are great, BUT, if you have spoked wheels then you have a problem! Also if you have right angled valve stems on your road bike wheels, the conventional core remover is not easy to...

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