Optimate O-40 sae panel mount adapter

OptiMate O-40 SAE Connector

OptiMate O-40 connector

is a great way to add an easily accessible access port for your OptiMate charger, USB charger or other OptiMate accessory.

The O-40 can be installed on your motorcycle, jet ski, car, caravan etc etc to allow easy access to hook up your charger, as well as to use for for USB charger while out and about to charge your phone, headset, intercom or any other usb powered item.


Here, i fitted one to my 1999 R6 Race bike. I used an existing hole left after removing the pillion seat lock. It slotted right in, tightened up the locking nut so it is held firmly in place. Then simply attach it to an O-01 SAE battery lead, tuck the cables away neatly using zip ties or similar, then you have your own quick connect system for easy access at any time.
O-01 battery connector lead
Attach your O-01 pigtail lead to your battery, connect to the O-40 lead and you are ready to go!
O-40 optimate battery connectorO-40 sae panel mount accessory socket
You can now easily connect your OptiMate charger when required, or use the outlet for your O-108 USB charger to top up your electrical devices while stopped for lunch!
USB charger O-100USB phone charger O-100 OptiMate
Great for topping up a lap timer between sessions!
USB lap timer charger
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