Special Code Digital

APRIL 2022
NOTE: REQUIRED since V35 Bike / V17 Marine

Texa Motorcycle and Marine “Special Code Access”

What is Special Code Access?

Types of adjustments available in IDC5
Texa's IDC5 diagnostic software includes two types of Adjustments: open or special.
The first are "standard" adjustments and performing them does not require any special privilege. All that is needed is to accept the terms of agreement when installing the software (disclaimer).

On the other hand, the second are "advanced" adjustments, which require hi
gher technical knowledge and skills and may (if used improperly) create damage, dangerous situations or make the vehicle no longer compliant with the laws in force.
In order to carry out these adjustments, you must sign a specific contract, called SPECIAL CODE, and have an Internet connection for the tool.
The acceptance of the SPECIAL CODE contract allows unlocking the advanced functions, whereas the Internet connection is needed as the information related to the vehicle, the tool's serial number, the date and time at which the user performed the adjustment, are stored in a server that allows TEXA to know, at any time, which operations were carried out on a specific vehicle.

This type of adjustment can be recognised by an icon located beside the adjustment you wish to perform.




 Activation will take a few days. Please do not wait until you require the feature before completing the forms. This will delay your work.


What you need to do.

Stage 1 -

Click --> Complete the online form 

PLEASE read below.


  • Business name = The Business name you have given us which we will have used to enter your details to Texa's portal for verification.
  • Legal representative = Actual birth name and address of director/owner/partner/Trustee of the Business. This name must match the ID that you provide.

Stage 2 -

Usually the same evening you will receive a reply from DocuSign asking you to review the details. Please double check your entered information matches the ID you will provide.


Stage 3 - You will need to install the digital id app on your phone to complete the process using drivers license and medicare card to verify your identity. See here for APP information  

You will receive an email via docusign advising you that the process is complete.

See full instructions below.





  • First Name of the manager, owner, business partner - Legally responsible person - Your actual name, as recorded on the ID you will be providing.
Not your nickname / Not your middle name that you prefer everybody calls you, not your abbreviated name ie Bob = Robert - your actual birth name of director/owner/partner/Trustee of the Business. This name must match your ID that will be required.




That completes the first part of the process.
Now wait for the confirmation email from Texa. This should be within 24 hours and will be sent to the email address provided for the nominated person to complete the id check. Please check junk mail/spam etc.
Continue / see below.






 Once you have selected Australia, the menu options will change.

PLEASE SELECT DIGITAL ID with the Aus post logo.

You will need to install the digital id app on your phone.

See here https://www.digitalid.com/personal



 When confirming/completing the information below, the Name you provide MUST MATCH the ID information you have provided.







 Once complete, your special code should be acitve within 48-72 hours.

NOTE: You will not receive a "code"

Click on Help to view the special code manual.

Click on update if the number shown is 0.

Special code manual