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Moto-Tech Diagnostics

Remote updates, installs, general pc support, diagnostics support

Remote updates, installs, general pc support, diagnostics support

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Initial software install and training is FREE with every system purchase. Use this page to book a day and time. There is no charge in this instance.

If you have new staff that require training or wish to receive a refresher training session, this is charged per hour.

1 For general training upon purchase.

2 Training or refresher session on use of specific advanced features available to you within the software. 

In both cases, a vehicle must be available for your system to be connected to.

Good vehicle battery ideally with suitable voltage support (see OptiMate pro 1 Duo)

Good internet connection

Teamviewer Remote support - Full install. (recommended)

Download to enable us access to your pc (with your permission) for troubleshooting, training and tech support

Teamviewer Quick support - a one time only install.

All instructions and manuals are available.

Download help documents and manuals here

Remote PC Support

Not everyone is confident is updating their pc and software or maybe installing their Texa software to a new computer.

If you are unable to follow our instructional document, We can assist remotely for a small charge to get you up and running asap! 

If you are not confident to perform installs to a new pc, we can do this for you remotely.

Minimum Charge 1 Hour for technical assistance if your computer had developed issues. Alternatively contact your PC supplier.

 An Invoice will be sent for immediate payment on completion.

$110 inc gst per hour

Diagnostic / Technical Support 

You might be using the software to gain more information or clues about a fault you are chasing with a motorcycle or marine system. You may not be familiar with certain aspects of viewing data and available information to gain clues on aiding diagnosis.

Analysing data and understanding the system/engine/Brand you are working with are important to aid you with diagnosis of faults or running problems. Often faults are not generated by the engine/ecu so you need to look at data for clues about the engine running poorly or intermittent issues.

Diagnostic software is a start to gain information, the next steps are to use other tools such as multimeters and oscilloscopes to test and confirm component problems. Many tests are available within IDC5 software, using the "guided diagnosis" section for resistance and voltage values in conjunction with the provided wiring diagrams.

Our software does not replace a service manual, but often there is information available to you to help, if you know where to look.

Also it is always best practice to check the whole system for errors and obtain a general electrical overview Before ordering and replacing parts. 

If you dive in to an unfamiliar system and start performing resets and calibrations, you can also find yourself causing unnecessary errors and additional issues you will need to resolve. 

These situations do not fall under "software support" so if you would like us to assist we do have to charge for remote fault finding and diagnosis. assistance. 

We can assist remotely for a small charge to guide you through advanced processes while using software features to analyze data, fault codes, freeze frame information, technical sheets, wiring diagrams and more!

We do not claim to have all of the answers, but continually we are receiving calls about certain errors or symptoms. We cannot give assistance by phone based on general descriptions, we just have too many questions to ask you before we can consider any guidance. 

In the same way if a client calls you to ask "how much to fix my bike/outboard? , it won't start" it is not possible to answer without seeing it and going over some basic checks first. 

 An Invoice will be sent for immediate payment after the session.

$110 inc gst per hour

We can assist you to obtain clues as to where to look to enable resolution of the problem. We cannot perform wiring checks for you, we cannot perform component tests for you.

For example, is a function or setting does not work, there is usually a reason for this:  IE a fault or issue that has been missed.

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