Texa Marine Diagnostic Systems

TEXA MARINE Diagnostic Systems.

Inboard, Outboard, Personal Watercraft

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These systems allow the technician to communicate with the vehicle systems either on or off board in order to repair problems of an electronic nature.

Through their experience and strength within the Car, Truck, Bike and the Agricultural sector;  TEXA has developed a solution which allows the technician to operate on various makes of engines by using the same tool and receive continuous automatic updates in order to keep up with the evolution of new models.

The diagnostic software is TEXA’s IDC5 Marine which is already used by technicians throughout the world, and has now been developed in order to be used also on marine vehicles.

It is possible to deal with various electronic problems without having to use the specific tool for each manufacturer, by using the multi-brand product as is already the case within the automotive sector; and is a serious step forward for the marine technician. This is due to the fact that the technician’s task is, now, much simpler in terms of practicality, efficiency and cost.  This is a necessary step to take due to the ever growing complexity of marine vehicles and the greater use of electronics.

“The first to enter the multi-brand marine diagnostic sector” stated Mr Bruno Vianello, the founder and Director of Texa. "This confirms the effort the company puts into research and development, as well as the exploration of new applications.  We believe that electronics are becoming very important within the marine sector and our task is to aid the technician as has been done within the car, truck, bike and agricultural sector".