Collection: Texa Marine Diagnostic Systems

Moto-Tech Diagnostics is proud to be an official distributor of Texa products, with over two decades of experience in the field.

Moto-Tech Diagnostics is fully committed to providing our clients with the technical support and service they require.

We offer free training and ongoing support with every purchase.

No Annual License fee!

Texa Marine diagnostic systems cover a wide range of outboards, inboards and, personal watercraft.


Packages can be fully customizable to meet the needs of your business.



With our extensive experience in Texa products, we are able to provide our clients with the best backup and support when needed. Our team is equipped to provide software training and assistance remotely through the use of Team Viewer as welll as telephone support, to ensure that our clients can fully utilize all of the features available within the software, such as wiring diagrams, component test procedures, data logging, customer database usage, print/save reports and more.

IDC5 Software

The IDC5 software is complete, practical and intuitive, extremely quick to access communication with motorcycles and rapid in all diagnostic phases, from the error identification to its solution.

Data Parameters

Here we can view all active parameters available from the system we are analyzing.
They can be viewed in numerical or graphical format. We can create filters, record live data static in the workshop OR during a water test.


Faults / codes and descriptions

 Any present or memory faults are shown with codes and descriptions.

Freeze Frame Data

 View data recorded by the ECU at the time a fault was generated.

Guided Diagnosis

Q. What is more useful than fault codes?
A. Tests to perform that allow you to prove / confirm if the component is actually faulty, or if the fault is elsewhere in the system.

Status Tab

Indicates position/status of switches, components, gear position, adaptations, sensors etc, etc.

Activations Tab

Here you can activate / live test components for correct operation and access engine history reports.

Settings Tab

Settings, calibrations and resets are found here.

Service Resets

Service reset - instructions for manual processes or functions for electronic processes.

Technical Data / Maintenance Schedules

Technical specification and maintenance schedules are available within the software. Additional model information is added with every update.

Special Functions

Wiring Diagrams

Patented animated/interactive wiring diagrams create an intuitive map with the flow of input and output signals to/from the control units. Components can be listed by circuit with relevant cable color legend and component descriptions of operation.



Data / Client Reports


Texa is the Leader in the field of diagnostics

Texa is the leader in Fuel Injection Diagnostic Scan Tools. Many manufacturers have chosen the IDC5 multi-brand software and TEXA's VCIs as the official system (OEM) for their authorized service centers, for Marine this includes Selva Marine and Tohatsu Italia

We believe that this is a great advantage also for independent workshops and proof of the product quality.

Additional Resources

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System Features

✔  Read and clear fault codes

✔  Component output tests

✔  Reset service reminders

✔  Component calibration

✔  View live sensor values

✔  Brake Bleeding

✔  Control unit information

✔  Wiring Diagrams

✔  Log and graph live values

✔  Nominal Values (component test data, voltages / Resistances etc)

✔  Log Road Test Data

✔  Save reports and client details

....and More!!

The Texa system is NOT a tuning system. We do not offer the ability to custom Map / Flash ECUs. 

Please call us on 0405 548 757 to discuss your requirements, we can also answer any questions you may have.


256GB hard drive minimum

minimum 12GB hard drive space required to install the software.

I5 or equivalent processor minimum.

8MB minimum RAM 16 MB better

2 x USB A ports

Windows 11, windows 10 Home or business - Not windows 10S or S mode