Collection: Lithium Battery Chargers

OptiMate Lithium chargers

are specifically designed for charging, maintenance AND recovery of LiFePO4 Lithium Ion starter batteries.

Many motorcycles have these batteries fitted as standard, such as some Ducati, Triumph and BMW models. Also, many people choose to upgrade to a Lithium Ion battery when their original Lead Acid battery fails.

Lithium Ion (LFP, LiFePO4) batteries do require maintenance, despite what you may have read.

They do not enjoy small current drains which many vehicles have even when switched off. Onboard systems for modern vehicles are continually drawing power from your battery.

bms reset lithium ion LiFePO4 LFP battery

If your Lithium battery has BMS (Battery management System) it will require resetting to allow it to receive charge voltage and current from your charger or bike. The OptiMate Lithium range of battery chargers feature a BMS reset, which allows your battery to recharged and recovered from as low as 0.5V!

Charge, recover, maintain lithium ion battery

OptiMate Lithium operates according to a fully automatic microprocessor-controlled algorithm.

Best Lithium battery charger is OptiMate


Once the battery is fully charged, voltage decreases to maintenance level. If any electronic accessories of the motorcycle should make battery voltage decrease below optimum charge, the equipment will automatically switch back to charging mode in order to restore proper voltage level.