Collection: Texa Marine Cables

Cables for use with Texa Marine systems

****Online Texa cable orders automatically receive automatic 10% discount at checkout - Free shipping for orders over $180****

NOTE: Texa software will show you which cable is required for any vehicle. Check the model selection via the software before purchasing to make sure you order the correct cable.

Cable selection within Texa marine IDC5 software


Click on the button the the right of the "START" button to view which cable is needed for the system you wish to connect to. You do not need the system present to view this information, just choose the system via the menus. Then, enter the cable part number : EG AM24A into the search box on this web site for quick purchase  

Also an online cable list is available with details of coverage for each cable:-

Click to view:- Texa Marine Cables catalogue 


Type the cable part number into the search box for quick navigation EG: AM44 or type the brand name for a broader search EG: mercury

Call us if you have any questions.