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3151/AP34 MV Agusta cable

3151/AP34 MV Agusta cable

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Texa AP34 - MV Cable 2012 on

MV AGUSTA cable for the diagnosis of the latest generation bikes with the Eldor ECU, including F3 675, F3 800, F4 from 2013, Rivale 800, Turismo Veloce 800, etc.

It also allows the diagnosis of ABS systems on motorcycles that require the AP01 cable for the injection diagnosis. 

Reprogramming is possible for MV dealers with factory code.

NOTE FOR MV DEALERS ONLY: The software recommends you to use battery support during reprogramming.

WARNING:  Do not connect the power clamps included in the diagnostic tool's standard kit.

Manufacturer's part number: 3904267  

If you do not have an MV battery tender charger, you may also require the OptiMate 2 and MV adapter cable to power the diagnostics if performing mapping updates.

Click here to add to your cart.   The adapter allows connection of OptiMate 2 to the AP34 cable as per guidlines in the Texa software. This ensures the battery is fully charged for diagnostic procedures and when loading new maps and firmware to ecu's.

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