Navigator TXB Evolution Bike Package for PC

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Base package consists of the Navigator TXB Evolution hardware and IDC5 Bike Plus windows software to install on your windows lap top, PC or tablet. There are no ongoing costs to use the software supplied. If you wish to update your software with new models, software features, wiring diagrams, tech info, you can purchase updates with a subscription in the future.

Cables to connect to each bike are available here. Or a basic starter cable kit with case is available here. Generally all cables are available from stock so you can add to your kit as and when you need more cables. IDC5 Plus Bike Software covers MOTORBIKES – SCOOTERS – ATV/QUAD – JET SKIS – SNOWMOBILES – UTILITY VEHICLES – MINICARS

Product Overview


Navigator TXBe is the official factory tool for:-



Moto-Tech Diagnostics is an official Texa importer and we have experience of Texa products for almost 20 years.
We can offer the technical back up and service you require, even providing free training and trouble shooting remotely via internet! So if you are on the other side of the country, we can still offer the best FREE support when required.

This backup and knowledge is why Moto-Tech is the approved supplier to the Australian MV Agusta dealer network and the Australian Bimota/Benelli network. 

We also supply the Marine version  suitable for multimake marine diagnostics and also covers personal watercraft.

See videos for more videos or visit our you tube channel

The NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution is a new generation of multi-brand tool able to connect to any PC or one of Texas display devices to perform the most accurate diagnostics of the electronic systems of motorcycles, scooters, quads and jet skis and more. 

NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution connects directly to the vehicle diagnostic socket and, thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, dialogues with your workshop’s Windows PC without cables. NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution communicates with all the tools in the AXONE range. In conjunction with IDC5 software, NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution currently represents the most reliable, effective and complete solution on the market. 


TEXA’s NAVIGATOR TXB is the diagnostic interface adopted by some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. NAVIGATOR TXB lets you perform a wide range of operations such as reading parameter settings and other information from electronic control units, checking states, resetting warning lights, finding and deleting errors, calibrating fuel systems, programming keys and more besides.

In addition to extremely thorough diagnostics, NAVIGATOR TXB, thanks to the features offered by IDC5 software, also offers customers a number of special functions and configurations. These include Global Scan, which scans the entire vehicle for ECUs, reads their contents and detects any recorded errors.

TEXA software is also able to perform a large number of settings on bikes, quads and PWCs, ranging from heated grip enabling to display setting changes.

• ECU date and time
• clock format
• distance in kilometres or miles
• temperature in °C or °F
• fuel tank float calibration
• key registration
• CO adjustments 

  •  Reading and erasing stored trouble codes (DTC)
  • Display of error codes as code number and description
  •  Display live data streams and customized data lists
  •  reset autoadaptive values
  • Diagnostics procedures
  •  Erase autoadaptive values
  •  Basic settings and adjustments (TPS-Adjustment)
  •  Service interval reset
  •  Diagnose ABS codes
  •  ABS purge test (BMW)
  •  ESA pre-load adjustment (BMW)
  •  ESA shock-absorber position (BMW) 
  •  PARKING SYSTEM (Peugeot, Gilera) 
  •  Transmission (Aprilia)
  •  RDC (Tyre pressure monitoring) BMW 
  •  EPS (Suzuki / POLARIS etc) 
  •  Idle speed regulation and adjustment 
  •  CO trimmer 
  •  Immobilizer unlock
  •  coding – ABS/Traction control 
  •  Key Programming
  •  TSSM reset (H/D)
  •  Exhaust valve deactivation (H/D) 
  •  Customer Job sheet creation
  •  Print saved data log 
  •  Wiring Diagrams 
  •  Online technical bulletins and learning information 
  •  Instrument Cluster, Body Computer 
  •  Injection Adjustment (Suzuki, Cagiva, Aprilia RXV etc) 
  •  TB balancing (Triumph/Aprilia) 
  •  De restriction (BMW)

+ many more functions dependant on ECU, year and model! 

Every update adds more manufacturers and models. to view the current list


Honda * Kawasaki * Sea Doo * Yamaha

Snow mobiles

Arctic Cat * Ski Doo

Utility / Quad

Arctic Cat * Can Am * Gas Gas * GG Technik * Grecav * Honda * Kawasaki * KVN * Piaggio * Polaris Defence * Polaris Ranger * Polaris * Rosenbauer * Rotax * Suzuki

Q Do I need additional software for different types of bikes?
A NO, Texa systems comes fully loaded from the factory with software for all the manufacturers listed above.

Q What if I don’t have the OEM cable I need for a bike?
A No Problem. You can call us or order online (most cables are in stock and can be shipped to you overnight)

Q Can I up-date this unit when new models and functions come out?
A YES, we offer continuous up-dates on an annual subscription basis. Updates can be downloaded via internet or installed via DVD.

Q What systems will the unit diagnose?
A This unit will diagnose the following systems

IGNITION - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, TPS Adjustment - INJECTION -ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, CO Trimmer, TPS Adjustment, Reset Autoadaptive Parameters, Adaptive Fuel Value (AFV) Reset, Idling Adjustment, Idling Reset, Balance Idling Regulators, Map Enabling, ECU Initialization, ECU Reset, Air Bypass Valve Adjustment, APC Valve Adjustment, Knob Self-Learning, Throttle Self-Learning, Customer Name Change, Lambda Map Reset

IMMOBILIZER / ALARM SYSTEM - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, Immobilizer / Alarm Configuration, Unlock Immobilizer, Key Encoding, Key Erasing, Remote Programming - ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, ABS Purge Test, ABS Hydraulic Unit Test

SERVICE / MAINTENANCE - ECU Data, Parameters, SERVICE Reset, OIL Reset, OIL CHECK Reset, OIL CHANGE Reset, V-MATIC Reset, Date on Vehicle, Date of Next Service, Remaining Distance Before Next Service, Re-Set Interval to Next Valve Clearance Check, Brake Pad Wear Light Reset

DASHBOARD - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, Display Mode, Country Set, Trip Counter Reset, Customer Name Change

BODY COMPUTER - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, ESA Pre-Load Adjustment, ESA Shock-Absorber Position

INJECTION REGULATION - ECU data, Original Value Reset, Regulation at idle, FI Adjustment

RADIO / ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM - ECU data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults -

EPT (Electronic Power Throttle) - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, Reset Autoadaptive Parameters

PARKING - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, Self-Configuration, Potentiometer Reset, Lock Activation, Lower Limit Reset

TRANSMISSION - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters, Diagnostic Procedures, Potentiometer Reset, Belt Replacement, Entering Transmission Stroke Category, Default Transmission Stroke Value - EPS (Electronic Power Steering) - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters -RDC (Tire Pressure Control) - ECU Data, Reading Stored Faults, Erasing Stored Faults, Parameters. NOTE: Not all functions are available for all models.

Q Can I use this unit on my personal bike?
A YES, but as you can see this is not an inexpensive product, that is why we sell mostly to motorcycle repair shops. For them it is much easier to justify the cost of the unit, especially when you consider the cost of factory scan tools. Most independent repair facilities don’t have access to the factory tools, this is normally reserved for franchise dealerships. The other issue is the cost, this unit easily replaces upwards of $50,000 worth of factory tools.

For bikes that don't support communication via a diagnostic socket, dashboard displayed fault codes are shown for fast troubleshooting without a library of service manuals.

An (optional) annual subscription service is available to provide updates for new models and features as they are introduced.

If you already have an older generation Texa system, upgrading to TXB is viable as all cables are interchangeable.

A full list of coverage for the current software version can be viewed here 

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  • 5
    Texa diagnostics

    Posted by Louis on 14th Feb 2020

    We love this product in our workshop. We have also used Steve for over 10 years and have formed a great relationship.

  • 5
    invaluable tool with great support

    Posted by Flywheels Motorcycles, Sydney NSW on 3rd May 2013

    I was thinking of buying this for years until I finally made the commitment, now I don't know how I did without it. This is an amazing time saver and money earner for any workshop dealing with modern bikes. It's versatility and usability is astounding. it does everything from clearing service codes to helping you bleed ABS systems!! if you're thinking about it, just stop and buy it, you won't regret it.

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by Speedys Motorcycles (Dyno and Performance) - Sumner Park Brisbane on 5th Mar 2013

    After numerous bad dealings with another agent we looked to Steve to help sort some issues and software updates with our Texa scan tool. We are an experienced workshop so we did not need the sale pitch just service and that what Steve gave us. Steve kept us up to date every step of the way. This was the easiest most stream line process. This sort of service is not heard of in Australia. We would recommend anyone to purchase products from Steve and will happily let other dealers and tuners know. Thanks again Steve.

  • 5
    Steve goes above and beyond the call of duty

    Posted by James Deutsher DIRECTOR MV Agusta Imports Pty. Ltd. on 1st Feb 2013

    As Director of MV Agusta Imports, I have been in direct contact with Steve and Moto-Tech over the last 12 months. We have rolled out the TEXA Navagator TXB diagnostics tooling through our entire dealer network and both the equipment and the service provided by Steve have been second to none and significantly improved our dealers workshops. Steve goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all software is up and running and is always available to us and our dealers to trouble shoot and offer advice. We could not have achieved this roll out without the assistance of Moto-Tech.

  • 5
    Couldnt do without it.

    Posted by Corse M/C on 31st Jan 2013

    As a Ducati Service Centre, we needed the latest software package to provide our customers with whatever they needed without going to a dealership. The Navigator is simple, easy to use and has been invaluable. And the back-up support from Steve at Moto-Tech has been second to none and is the main reason I invested in this product.