Harley Davidson ABS

Clearing errors and service lights is the bare minimum of why you invest in a diagnostic tool.
Here we have an example of how Texa IDC5 Bike software can be used to help you in your day to day work. Diagnosing a fault or faulty system is how you get repeat business and ensure you have the best reputation.
If you could only read errors in this case, it is unlikely you would have been able to deal with the complete situation.
This bike came into a shop after a crash. Various parts to be repaired and replaced but the main issue being the ABS system was a mess. Very old, dirty, rusty fluid in the brakes. Seized ABS modules and the brake bleed function within the software was not working. So, the client called to run through the system and receive some training. Importantly, there was no problem with the Texa software... Once we re activated the ABS system and various parts were replaced, the ABS bleed function worked, the ABS worked. We could then clear the errors and focus on any other remaining issues that could be dealt with using Texa IDC5 Bike software.
No comm problems or flat batteries using this https://www.moto-tech.com.au/pages/optimate-pro1-duo
1st use of a new microphone for these videos so apologies for the rushed narration!
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