January 2022 Texa / Moto-Tech Updates

January 2022 Texa / Moto-Tech Updates

New Web Site Design for 2022

We have revised our web site using a new provider with a better search function, allowing easy selection and purchase of Texa cables using various payment methods to suit everyone.

Simply search the cable part number or Brand and you will be shown the results. We encourage cables orders via our web site with 5% discounts automatically applied to all online cable orders, and free shipping over $180. Also there are no merchant fees!





We have also added many Texa Documents for easy download direct from the web site, also links to our youtube channel where we have many videos covering basic features, update instructions, examples of connected systems etc.

If you would like to see videos about specific models or features please let us know.




Going over the basics

Texa IDC5 software is pretty easy to use, however we are still receiving calls from many clients having issues with basic functions and questions about cables. Click the link below for a document covering this and infrmation about the included APP within the software which can be useful for you to log details of the cables you have purchased.

Learn More


Always use the vehicle battery when the software requests it.

Another frequent call we receive is about communication errors. The system will not communicate if there is no circuit dectected grounding the TXB to the vehicle. If the vehicle battery is flat, either support it ith a suitable charger, or replace the battery. You cannot connect the TXB to a slave battery independant of the vehicle, you will be shown a communication error. 1st rule of fuel injection diagnosis is ensure the battery is in good condition!



V34 New feature!

Current version is 34.2.3a.

As of V34, we can now access the maintence/service area from the home screen of the software. If ll you require is to clear/shedule a service, this shortcut can save some time. However, we do recommend performing adaptive resets aftera service that includes air filters, plug changes and TB balances.





Windows 7!

Windows 7 is no longer supported. Microsoft have ceased support of windows 7, therefore Texa software cannot be installed with a windows 7 operating system.

Windows 11 is supported. We recommend using windows 10 or 11.



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