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Understanding Test Light Indication on OptiMate Battery Chargers

OptiMate battery chargers - State of charge LED indicators!

In this post, we will be discussing the significance of test light indication for the range OptiMate battery chargers, specifically the models that use 3 LED's on the top right of the main body - Such as OptiMate 4, OptiMate 6 and OptiMate Lithium 5A.

A test light on an OptiMate battery charger helps you determine the battery's ability to retain a charge. A healthy battery is capable of holding the charge, even after it has cooled down following a charging cycle. A green test light result on the charger indicates that the battery is in good health.

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However, if the test result is indicated by a yellow or red light, it means that your battery is not retaining the charge as well as it did when it was new.

You may have noticed that the green test light was on just after the battery finished charging, but after a few hours, the yellow test light came on together with the green light. This is because the battery's voltage is higher immediately after charging, as the battery is still warm and has a higher inner temperature. Once the battery has cooled down, the voltage settles, and the result provides a more accurate reflection of the battery's health.

If you see the yellow or red test light, it might seem like your battery is not holding its charge, but there could be two reasons for this:-

  • Firstly, the battery voltage dropped immediately after charging, which is an indication that the battery is unable to hold a sufficient charge.
  • Secondly, if the battery is connected to a vehicle, craft or equipment circuitry, it may be draining down fast.

If you remove the battery from the vehicle and try again, and the result improves, it means the vehicle or craft or equipment circuitry is the cause of the battery's drain.

In conclusion, the battery test light indication on an OptiMate battery charger provides crucial information about the battery's ability to hold a charge. By understanding the significance of the green, yellow, and red lights, you can ensure that your battery remains in good health.

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