Texa Bike and Marine newsletter Dec 2022

Texa Bike and Marine newsletter Dec 2022

We have uploaded many useful documents and instruction to assist with common questions we regularly receive. 

They can all be accessed HERE

Documents include information to download / install your software to a new pc, manuals, general information and links to our Youtube channel, Facebook page, team viewer download for remote tech support etc etc. 

Videos on youtube range from a rough overview of performing certain functions on particular models, to ensuring you have chosen the correct cable for the system you are connecting to. Cable selection is a common call, we can save you lots of time by giving you a refresher on this basic use of the software. 

If you have any thoughts on other general information that would useful if easily accessible, please let us know. 

 For those without a Bike current update subscription, please see this document to view details about the latest Major update V35. 

Current bike version is V35.0.5.  

For Marine V17 see here  

Current version is V17.0.1 

If you do not have a current subscription and would like to resubscribe to updates for 12 months, please advise ad we can arrange this for you. There are no charges for missed versions.   

The software updates include:- 

  • Wiring diagrams 
  • Nominal values – fault code descriptions and test data 
  • Technical sheets – information about peculiarities or system specific instructions 
  • Service data, torque specs (new data being introduced with each update) 




Many users chose not to purchase the update subscription as they only work with older models. However, you may be missing out on updates and additions to wiring diagrams and information useful to you for repair diagnosis for these older models. 

We offer basic software training for all users, many have been using Texa for several years but have not received any training.  

Basic software training is included with every system, we strongly recommend finding the time to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour with us using team viewer to show you through many features that could be used every day, as well as advanced features that may not be required so often, but can assist you to get the most from your investment. 

When we are able to provide remote support we usually find there are several features that the user is unaware of, which will assist in everyday work, fault finding, diagnosis and even general service.  

******************Please note we will be taking an extended break this year. We will be closed from 19th December 2022, re opening Tuesday 3rd January 2023.***************************************************************** 

Motorcycle and Marine Cables can be ordered online during this period. No orders will be shipped between 19th Dec and 23rd December, however we will endeavour to ship orders between Christmas and New Year but the phone will not be monitored. 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused during this period.

We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year looking forward to 2023! 

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