Texa Shorts

Texa Shorts

Keep your eye on our youtube channel and/or facebook page for a new playlist entitled Texa Bike Shorts and soon to be added Texa Marine Shorts.

These will be focused on 3 minutes or less videos showing information on specific procedures or areas of the software that we receive regular calls about, or indeed areas of the software that users may not be aware of.

A few examples are shown below - we will be adding to these as time allows, so if you have anything you would like a "short" created to help explain, please let us know.

Nominal Values - Component Test guides


Ducati Service - There are 3 types of service for Ducati. If you attempt to reschedule the wrong onw, the service light will not be cleared.


Global Scan - Check the complete system for errors to aid quick and concise diagnosis. Often users drop straight into petrol injection area to seek issues, rather than working on the correct system that maybe generating the issues.



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