OptiMate Pro1 Duo

OptiMate PRO-1 DUO


12 Volt Lead Acid AND LiFePo4 battery charger / power supply


The professional combination battery charger-tester & power supply for powersport & small craft / machine professionals, repair shops and battery retailers.


3 Mode selectable

Mode 1 – Lead Acid Charging / Recovery

Mode 2 – LiFePo4 Lithium charging / Recovery with BMS

Mode 3 - Power-supply mode 11-13.6V, up to 10A support provides constant power for extended flashing, tuning, diagnostics and troubleshooting.


*No more oversized jump pack battery clips to wrestle with!

*No more comm drop outs during diagnosis or tuning!


INCLUDED CABLES: charge lead extender 180cm and fused battery clips.

INCLUDED HARDWARE: Wall storage receiver and bar hanging hook.

WARRANTY: 2-year limited repair / replacement warranty.


Trade Price:-

$355 inc gst PLUS shipping

Currently gauging interest for a possible bulk buy.

 Call or email us to express your interest!