Special Code

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Completion of this form is required to allow use of functions with the special web code symbol -examples below:-

 Please note the requirements of details to be completed:-

Both pages must be completed.

  • Business entity/ Sole Trader/ Trust as per your ABN/ACN - whichever applies - T/As  ...............   if applicable. This must match the name shown on ABN lookup or ASIC.


  • Legal representative = Name and address of director/owner/partner of the Business.


  • A business card / bank statement or related document confirming the named legal representative has a genuine link to the Business/entity listed.


  • TXB Serial Number:- generally begins with a “D”  eg D********** 
  • Type of tool - TXB Evolution (see below if you have an older unit)


  • Tick Bike or Marine


  • Bottom of page 1 - Business stamp, date and signature of person named as legal representative.


  • Page 2 - Business stamp and signature x 2

 Scans/ photos and the form MUST BE LEDGIBLE

Once complete - scan/photograph both pages AND your business card / proof of legal representative document by email to us. This allows us to get this activated ASAP.



YOU MUST ALSO post the originals with the proof of legal representative document/business card to us.


If the hard copies are not received, the provisional special code access will be revoked by Texa until it is received.

Moto-Tech Diagnostics

PO Box 460





Why is this form required?

April 2022

From V35 Bike / current V16 Marine) a new system will be in place for completing special functions such as ECU regulations and settings, service reset, codings etc..

Special code means you acknowledge responsibility for performing these resets or special functions and that you are aware and have the required knowledge to complete the processes safely without adverse effects on the vehicle system and operator safety.

TXB Serial Number:-

begins with a “D”  eg DNHLT****** and is found on the rear of your vci.

Tool Type –

TXB Evolution (most are using this now) 


Older units may be:-

Navigator TXB 


Navigator TXBs


NOTE: There are a rolling 5 tokens always available for offline use so if you have limited connectivity in a mobile situation, you can still perform 5 functions until an internet connection is required. The system updates with another 5 once you re connect to the internet, so the tokens are in fact infinite.

please see special code manual here 

Once the Special Code document is received signed, the special code system is activated by Texa and those operations can be performed without limit.

Once Special code is activated, this system does not limit your use or functionality of the system in any way and in actual fact, will make no difference to the use of the system on a day to day basis if your pc has an internet connection.

For mobile users working in the field, you can use your phone hotspot to recharge the special codes, so you do not need to use large amounts of data for this process.

Once received we can have this new system “activated” for your software as soon as this V35 update is released (if you have a current subscription). This way you will not need to contact us about it therefore avoiding delays in your work.


Click link to download and complete the form →  “special code form”

Most of the form can be completed on your computer, then print to sign and stamp required sections.