3151/AP56A Sea Doo Power cable


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T-cable required to guarantee a steady communication during the diagnosis of SEA-DOO (BRP), SKI-DOO (BRP) and LYNX (BRP) vehicles, which will otherwise be cut off after 30 seconds in key ON and engine OFF.

This cable must be connected between the diagnostic cable 3151/AP43 (or 3151/AP19) and the vehicle's socket. The power clamps provided with the diagnostic tool must be connected to the 2-way connector.

Please read the information held within IDC5 Technical Information sheets prior to using this cable!  

ATTENTION: it is severely prohibited to start the engine with the cable 3151/AP56A connected. Starting the vehicle, even accidentally, may damage its electrical system and the cable 3151/AP56A. If a diagnosis with the engine on is needed, we recommenddisconnecting the cable 3151/AP56A. starting the engine in order to power the diagnostic socket autonomously and connecting the tool ONLY through the cable 3151/AP43 (or3151/AP19).