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3151/AP59 Yamaha Cable

3151/AP59 Yamaha Cable

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Texa AP59 YAMAHA cable.

The cable is made up by six connectors:

a 4-way one (connector for the models with the diagnosis in CAN protocol),

a second and a third 3-way one (male and female connectors for the models that require dual or single connection),

a fourth and a fifth probe connector (male and female probes for the models that require dual or single connection)

and a sixth 2-way connector (power supply).

In order to carry out a proper diagnosis, the diagnostic tool's indications must be followed thoroughly. If required to, connect the clamps to the vehicle's battery.

NOTE: the cable replaces, as a single solution, all the cables produced previously ("3151/AP40", "3151/AP47", "3151/AP49").

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