AM01 Marine Main Cable


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3151/AM01 Marine main base cable the terminal cables are connected to.

The cable can be identified through its black cap with leds and it has two connectors, a 2-way female (possible external power supply) and a 4-way male (communication connector). Use as a base cable (example am01 + am02):connect the terminal cable related to the make that has to be diagnosed (example am02) to the 4-way male connector.

If indicated by the software, connect the power clamps, which will then be connected to the engine's battery to power the tool, to the 2-way female connector.

Warning: the cable am01 is the base cable that covers most of the makes, but it does not support specific functions and protocols.

It must not be confused with the cable am01 can, very similar but with a dedicated sticker and a red cap.

Pay attention to the software's indications regarding the use of the base cable, the use of the terminal cable needed and the possible external power supply.

This cable, also known as part # 3902358, is used in marine applications for a variety of models.