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AM10 Universal Cable with pin out adapters

AM10 Universal Cable with pin out adapters

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UNIVERSAL terminal cable with two output lines: K and L.

Through this cable you can run the diagnosis on the makes DAEDONG, DAF MARINE, FNM MARINE (engines produced from 2005), JOHNSON, KAWASAKI MARINE, LOMBARDINI MARINE, SISU and SUZUKI MARINE (engines with a round 8-way cable not compatible with the cable AM22).

NOTE: This terminal cable is used to connect to specific PINs of particular diagnostic sockets. You must connect a specific probe, which must be connected to a specific pin on the engine's socket, to one or both of the terminal cable's output lines in order to establish the communication.

The output lines, the probe that must be used and the socket pin to connect to are displayed in the diagnostic software.

ATTENTION: the terminal cable must be connected to the base cable AM01 or to the base cable AM01 CAN based on the engine selected. This information is indicated in the diagnosis preparation page displayed before starting the communication. Be careful not to confuse which cable to use.

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