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Motorcycle Laser Chain Alignment Tool (Dot Laser)

Motorcycle Laser Chain Alignment Tool (Dot Laser)

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Dot laser chain alignment tool.

Laser motorcycle chain & belt drive alignment tool.  Check chain/belt/wheel alignment with laser precision in seconds!

No more relying on inaccurate chain adjustment marks or messing about with string!

Simply hold the Profi Laser C.A.T. against the rear sprocket and aim the laser along the chain for perfect alignment and adjustment. Helps minimise wear to chain and sprockets. Ideal tool for the end user and professionals alike.

Suitable for all chain & belt-driven motorcycles. Fast and easy to use
Compact design 
Precision German build quality
Accurate to 0.05%, that's 0.5mm over 1m!
Extends chain & sprocket life
Optimises handling & performance
Integral long-life batteries included. 3 x AG5
Highly accurate chain adjustment.
Improves bike performance, minimises chain and sprocket wear.

Delivered 1 x belt adaptor card.

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