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Navigator TXB Evolution Marine Basic Package for PC - Outboard cable kit

Navigator TXB Evolution Marine Basic Package for PC - Outboard cable kit

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TEXA Dealer Level Marine Diagnostic Tool

Call to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote based on current costs and your needs if our example packages do not suit.

Prices will fluctuate depending on exchange rates - these can go up as well as down.

*Discounted prices apply to outright purchase only.

To keep initial costs down this kit does not include software updates.

If you do not wish to have inboard coverage and would prefer a lower cost option, please take a look at a Texa new product here.

Common Outboard Cables Included in this kit

  • AM01 – Marine “Main”
  • AM02 – Marine Honda
  • AM04 – Marine Mercury & Mariner Group (2-pin cable)
  • AM05 – Marine Mercury & Mariner Group (4-pin cable)
  • AM06 – Marine Yamaha/Selva Marine
  • AM13 – Marine Evinrude
  • AM22 – Marine Suzuki (4-pin)
  • AM44 - Marine Mercury Cable


Additional cables may be required depending on brands, models and year systems you are working on.

View cable Listings here

Basic training and installation assistance is included

PC Not included.

For marine diagnostics, TEXA has the dealer level coverage you are looking for. When you combine the power of the marine diagnostic software, the TXB Evolution communication adapter, you have an unbeatable pairing.

Coverage for the Marine Basic edition gives you the following engine software:

The TEXA Marine Diagnostics kit is the most advanced and complete diagnostic kit on the market. It currently covers 99.9% of the marine engine world, which includes 38 manufacturers and over 700 models. The tool also includes wiring diagrams, component locations, nominal values (Correct values of components), programming capabilities, code reading, and dealer level diagnostics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have a required annual fee each year? No, there are no required annual license fees. 

    Are software updates provided? Yes, an annual update subscription is available. This allows you to install updates to coverage as well as additional wiring diagrams and technical information released with each update.

    Do you have other cables available? Yes, all cables are available from stock.

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