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USB charger O-108 - V1

USB charger O-108 - V1

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V1 version - Lead acid batteries only  See V2 for lead acid/Lithium Version 

The fully sealed in-line SAE to USB 3300mA charger with 200cm / 80″ of cable, delivers safe and fast USB charging to you phone or other device that needs charging, either on the handlebar or inside your tankbag or pannier – Charge cable routes to where USB charging is needed!

  • Connects to battery lead with OptiMate O-01 (NOT INCLUDED) SAE 2-pin connector – In-line seal makes 12V connection weatherproof!
  • Charges 1x USB device with up to 3300mA current available  – Charge current adapts to connected device for safe recharging.
  • Weatherproof USB charge port easily zip-tie to handlebar, strut or even brake / clutch cable – Seals against inserted USB cable for charging in any weather!
  • Built in protection turns off USB charging & prevents your parked vehicle’s or AGM (lead acid) battery from draining – Starts back up when vehicle engine fires up. 
  • Monitors and displays parked vehicle’s battery status – Indicates battery is ‘start ready’ at the blink of an LED!
  • Smart 3300mA USB charger, with standby mode & vehicle battery monitor.

Charge your phone, GPS, camera & tablet with your weatherproof charger, on your motorcycle or up to 80″ / 200cm away from 12V supply.

LENGTH: 80″ / 200cm


POWER (INPUT): Vehicle 12V system with 12V lead-acid battery.


POWER (OUTPUT): 3300mA @ 5V

OPERATION:  fully automatic

  • Vehicle battery protection: Low input (<12.4V) auto-off protects vehicle battery from total discharge. Supply range: 12.4 to 16Vdc.
  • Turns on if vehicle battery voltage increases above 13.3V.
  • 3 LED battery monitor
  • Short circuit, overheat, over-voltage protection.


  • USB ON – 13.3V to 18V – unlimited USB output, USB LED on. Delivers USB power when vehicle engine is charging battery.
  • USB 3 HOURS – 12.4V to 13.3V – 1 hour USB output, USB LED on. Go to standby mode after 3 hours or voltage < 12.4V.
  • STANDBY MODE – Monitoring voltage, turns back on if vehicle battery voltage increases above 13.3V.

USE: -20°C/-4°F very low temperature, remains flexible at ‘below freezing’ temperatures

STYLE: Fully enclosed electronic circuitry with multiple LEDs, unique seal and cap design for USB socket ; use any USB cable, seals when inserted.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty

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