Information page for BETA Dealers 


256GB hard drive minimum

minimum 12GB hard drive space required to install the software.

I5 or equivalent processor minimum.

8MB minimum RAM 16 MB better

2 x USB A ports

Windows 11, windows 10 Home or business - Not windows 10S or S mode



1. Please install Teamviewer Remote support onto the pc you will be installing this system to - click this link

 2. Complete the registration email received from

3. Download / Install your Texa IDC5 software. (click link for instructions)

4. Complete the online Digital form - see this page  (you will not be able to apply mapping updates until this is completed and will take several days for Texa to complete the process)



If you have been unable to complete install following the provided instructions, please contact us to arrange remote assistance to guide you through installation and set up - YOU NEED TO BE WITH YOUR COMPUTER WHILE WE ASSIST

NOTE Please complete 1 and 2 above prior to calling.

call 0405 548 757 or email to arrange a suitable day and time.

12v power to the TXB is supplied via the bike diagnostic connector - NOT VIA THE USB CABLE.

Comms between TXB and your PC to your pc is via bluetooth or usb (using supplied usb cable) Bluetooth is preferred.

What you will need to complete the system set up:-

Your Texa Equipment

  • A suitable 2T or 4T Beta Motorcycle
  • Your windows computer - complete any outstanding windows updates.
  • Good Internet connection
  • An email account accessible on the pc you will be installing the TEXA software onto.


        Part A for 2T. Part B for 4T


        Below are various links for information and documents.

        Please save all documents to your pc for easy reference.

        The system supplied to you via BETA is a multibrand system that you can use to work with almost all other brands. A feature overview can be found here

        There is no extra cost for this, and all updates are included in your annual goup BETA software update subscriptions.

        All you require are the cables needed to connect to the models you with to work with. All cables can be purchased via our web site with 10% discount added automatically at checkout.

        See our web site here for cable information 


        Basic IDC5 Bike software Demo - Basic demo to get you started with the software.

        P5B Basic Learning - Basic Training course.

        Software Manual IDC5 - IDC5 Generic software manual 

        TXB Evolution Manual - Texa tech manual for TXB Evolution

        UPDATE your software - Manual check for software updates

        Subscription Status Check - Check your update subscription status

        Teamviewer Remote support - download to enable us access to your pc (with your permission) for troubleshooting, training and tech support

        Special Code Information - What is special code?

        Special Code Manual - A copy of the help section included in the software once you have the special code activated.

        Which version do i have installed? - The software version you are currently using is shown in several places within the software.

        Cable Selection Instructions - How to find which cable you need - also a built in app within IDC5 software showing a cable catalogue.


        Nominal Values / Guided Diagnosis - Brief guide to information available to you within IDC5 software for component testing etc.

        Version update info - V36.


        EOBD / Euro 5 Fault Code Access - If a new Euro 5 compliant model is not yet within the main software, you can access and clear errors via the EOBD function.

        Texa Bike video page- a selection of motorcycle videos.

        Texa Bike vid Our youtube channel with 40+ videos and demos - Lots of examples of systems and a selection of motorcycle videos.