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3151/AP50OBD TGB ATV_Quad

3151/AP50OBD TGB ATV_Quad

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Texa AP50 OBD - Terminal cable for the serial diagnosis of TGB ATV-Quad vehicles.

NOTE: the terminal cable has an OBD base. In order to connect with the vehicle, the 3151/AP05 (EOBD) cable must be used as the main cable.

Be careful to select the "3151/AP05 (EOBD) + AP50/OBD” cable in the software. If you have a tool with an OBD output (NAVIGATOR NANO series) or use a tool with a direct EOBD cable, you can connect the terminal cable directly, without using any adapter. In this case, only select the cable "AP50/OBD” in the software. *To be used in combination with the 3151/AP05 (EOBD) cable      

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