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Digital Chain Elongation Measurement tool

Digital Chain Elongation Measurement tool

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The Digital Chain Elongation Measurement tool is a new system designed to accurately measure and check the chain wear and condition of motorcycle chains.

Your customer can then be advised (with measured proof) if their chain requires replacing BEFORE it is too late!

Sell 6 or 6 chain and sprocket kits and the tool is paid for!  

Seal ring chains (O-, X-, Z-, quad-ring) have a much longer life than open roller chains. But an exact determination of the wear, compared to open roller chains, is more difficult. 

Removing the rear wheel to take a measurement is time consuming. With our new chain wear measuring system this test is now done quickly, accurately and easily by any mechanic.

The system (patent pending) includes a tensioning device, which is adjustable to the required test load, a digital calliper, specifically developed for this particular application and a professional Line laser chain aligner (L-CAT).

The chain wear test is easy to handle. Measuring results are repeatable and can be documented for the customer! The kit also includes an L-CAT Line Laser chain aligner! CEM Custom Case    

Includes professional Line Laser CAT, Calibration bar and Measurement Reference Chart    

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