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Kart Laser Chain Aligner 4mm -Line Laser

Kart Laser Chain Aligner 4mm -Line Laser

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Go-Kart Line laser chain & sprocket alignment tool for 4mm/219 chains/sprockets.

Check chain and sprocket alignment in 2 planes with laser precision in seconds! 

Using a laser line, not a laser dot, allows you to see if the alignment is correct in 2 directions, not just one. Using a dot laser, like other cheaper tools, you can only see if the alignment is correct in one direction.

Simply clip the Profi Laser CAT onto the driven sprocket and point the laser to the drive sprocket.

Aligns the two centres of the sprocket ensuring perfect alignment. Perfect alignment means more power and better wear.

Helps minimise wear to chain and sprockets. 

Ideal tool for the end user and professionals alike.


Suitable for 219 pitch chains
Compact design
Precision German build quality
Accurate to 0.05%
Extends chain & sprocket life
Optimises handling & performance
Integral long-life LR44 batteries included
Highly accurate chain adjustment.
Minimises chain and sprocket wear.
Delivered with a carry case and batteries.

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