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TM to SAE connection adapter O17

TM to SAE connection adapter O17

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Convert your older TecMate charger, with KET connection, to connect to the OptiMate permanent SAE battery lead

  • SAE to KET charger connection adapter
  • Includes weatherproof SAE rubber seal
  • Industry standard durability – Built to last!
  • Perfect for use in the harshest environments, Low temperature use -40°C/-40°F – Remains Flexible!

Convert your older TecMate charger or British charger brand to connect to the OptiMATE (or other SAE) permanent battery lead.

LENGTH: 6″/15cm


CABLE RATING: 16AWG (1.31mm2) SPT-2W

USE: -40°C/-40°F very low temperature, cable remains flexible in ‘below freezing’ temperatures.

STYLE: Includes rubber cap and seal for OptiMATE SAE connector.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty

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