TPS2 Tyre Pressure Service

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TPS2 is a new tool from TEXA that offers tire fitters all the functions they need and guarantees complete reliability in use.

TPS2 is engineered to dialogue quickly and easily even with sensors that require particularly high power, especially during activation.

TPS2 is robust, fast, simple to use, and features a display large enough to let you view all the information you need on a single screen. This unique combination of features makes TPS2 the top tool for TPMS work.

TPS2 comes with a dedicated software utility for activating the tool, consulting manuals, searching for updates and running TEXA Tire MANAGER software.

TPS2 comes with 8 GB of internal memory that can be used to save and load reports on the work done on customers’ vehicles and also to ensure the efficient management of seasonal tire changes.

TPS2 lets you work on three types of vehicle:

The tool can communicate with sensors in two ways: manual selection and TWS2, the latest development of TEXA’s TWS function, faster and more effective than ever.

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Processor: Cortex M7
Memory: RAM 8 MB
Flash 4 GB

Display: LCD IPS 3,5" 480x320
Camera: 5 MP autofocus; flash LED
Transmission frequency: 125 kHz
Reception frequencies: 315 MHz - 433 MHz - 434 MHz

Cable communication: USB
Wireless communication: Class 2 dual mode Bluetooth with built-in antenna.
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Battery: Li-ion 2500 mAh - 3,7 V
Autonomy: approximately 10 hours
Consumption: USB connector 500 mA max
Charge: approximately 5 hours with the device switched off
External charger: Model K06S050120G
230 Vac / 5 Vdc 1,2 Adc

Operating temperature: - 10 °C ÷ 45 °C
Storage temperature: - 20 °C ÷ 60 °C
Temperature while charging: 0 °C ÷ 45 °C
Storage and operation moisture: 10% ÷ 80% without condensation
Weight: 300 g