TXT Multihub


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Navigator TXT Multihub allows the user to operate ALL versions of the IDC5 software.

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For example, if you purchase a Bike only system with the TXT Multihub hardware, you can add also Car software at a later date, however, your intial purchase price will be higher for the TXT Multihub and bike software.

TXB Evolution can only be used with Motorcycle and Marine IDC5 versions.

TXT Multihub is an extremely versatile diagnostic interface, able to operate in five IDC5 software environments and manage the CAN FD, DoIP, PASSTHRU* protocols.

Equipped with a practical backlit display, which allows having constant control on the tool’s operation. Fit out with a special reinforced body, with anti-shock corners and certified protection level IP53.
Complete with OBD interface cable, USB cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, tool holder strap and installation manual.

The top-of-the-range solution versatile, quick, intuitive, in any situation

In recent years, the diffusion of electronics on board vehicles has been exponential and has reached a very high level of complexity. Today repair specialists must be capable of working at their best on different types of vehicles, with different diagnostic protocols and multiple connection modes.

In such a context, TEXA developed TXT MULTIHUB, an extremely versatile vehicle interface that easily adapts to maintenance activities making them quick and intuitive, in any situation.

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